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RegOnline offers a suite of services to facilitate online meeting promotion, registration, payment collection, and reporting. The services are based around a series of self-explanatory templates that allow you develop your customized meeting registration site. You can get an overview of the services available here.

The University of Arizona College of Medicine - Tucson has negotiated an attractive discount for the use of ACTIVE Network’s conference management software, RegOnline. Use of this service also allows automated uploading of participant data for our records.

Getting Started

To learn more about the many capabilities of RegOnline, visit the RegOnline Website

To use the service and take advantage of our discount, request a RegOnline account.

If you have more questions, take a look at our FAQ:


How hard is it to use RegOnline?

We have found that RegOnline is very easy to use. The service walks you through the process of building a meeting registration Website, with lots of help along the way. ACTIVE Network also provides a Help Portal, online and offline resources, and live training.

What does RegOnline cost?

RegOnline has no upfront charges; its pricing is based on a per registration fee. The company also charges an additional fee for handling credit card payments of 0.95% if you use your merchant account or 4.95% if you use ACTIVE Network’s merchant account. The University of Arizona College of Medicine has established significant discounts from these prices for its CME clients. Contact us if you need additional pricing information.

Do I have my own RegOnline account?

Yes. Actually, you have a subaccount, which you manage, that is based on our master account. Once you decide to set up an account, you contact us and we initialize your subaccount. After that, you manage the account.

How does RegOnline handle registration fees?

RegOnline can collect registration fees for you and you can have different fee levels for multiple classes of meeting attendees. If you ask RegOnline to collect fees, they can add their fees to yours, so the attendee pays both, or they can deduct their fees from the payments, so that you receive a net amount. If you choose not to charge a registration fee or you get paid directly by the attendee, then you will owe RegOnline a service fee for each person registered.

How do I get paid by RegOnline?

RegOnline will send you a check every 2 weeks for all activities that are occurring in your account. You have real time access to online reports to monitor your receipts and payments.

How can I learn to use RegOnline?

We have found that RegOnline is pretty easy to use, but there are a number of helpful resources that will be available from your account. These include a Help Portal and online and offline resources. There are also several video instructional programs you can use.

What if I still need help?

RegOnline also offers training Webinars, phone-based tech support, and professional (fee-based) consulting services.

Are there special requirements from The University of Arizona College of Medicine - Tucson that I need to follow in order to use the service?

Just one. If you are part of the University of Arizona, we have specific Website templates that you should use. If you are a joint provider (i.e., outside the University) please do NOT use these templates and please do not use our logo or name without our permission.


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