Fees and Forms

NOTE: "Right click" your mouse and save these forms to your computer, then open them with Adobe Acrobat, Reader or Microsoft Word (depending on the file type). 


Our fees are updated periodically. Please review the most current fee schedule below:

CME Providership Fee Schedule

New Activity Proposal Forms for All Live, RSS, and Enduring Materials Events

To submit a new activity proposal, click the CAMS link in the menu at the top of this page and follow the on-screen instructions. If you are new to CME applications, you are highly encouraged to call us first before attempting to complete a CME application.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form

Download the Conflict of Interest form to document existence or lack of planner and faculty conflicts of interest. Send all completed forms to uofacme@email.arizona.edu.

You can upload a signature file (i.e., GIF or JPG format) to this form after completing it. Please send forms to us e-mail attachments. We prefer you return an electronic PDF, but you can return a scanned PDF version. We can also accept a hard copy via post or fax.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form


Letters of Agreement (LOA) for Commercial Support (i.e., Grants)

The University of Arizona College of Medicine must sign all agreements for commercial support (grants) for CME activities. Please use our templated forms whenever possible. These forms should  document grant support for the CME activity, not advertising or exhibit support. Our LOA contains the necessary language for the University of Arizona and the ACCME Standards for Commercial Support. These Word versions will allow you to upload a digital signature (.jpg or .gif file), or you can print and sign manually

LOA for grants for Jointly-Provided CME Activities (NON-UA-College of Medicine) (Word 2010) 

LOA for grants for Directly-Provided CME Activities (UA College of Medicine) (Word 2010)

Letters of Agreement (LOA) for Exhibitors and Advertisers

Agreements for exhibiting and advertising support are treated differently than agreements for commercial support of the CME activity. These agreements are between the CME developer/provider and an outside interest for a service (e.g., the right to exhibit a commercial product) that is clearly different from the educational activity. A key component of these agreements is acknowledgement by all parties that the services, exhibitors, and advertisers are located separately from the educational activity.

LOA for Exhibitors and Advertisers of Jointly Provided CME Activities: If you are a joint provider, we need to receive copies of all agreements you sign with exhibitors or advertisers, but the University does not need to sign these agreements. 

LOA for Joint Provider Exhibitors and Advertisers (Word 2010) 

LOA for Exhibitors and Advertisers of Directly Provided CME Activities: If you are a College of Medicine department or center, please download and use the following:

LOA for Direct Provider Exhibitors and Advertisers - UA College of Medicine Departments (Word 2010) 

Recording Consent Form

This form should be used by all College of Medicine departments to obtain permission for recording the CME presentations of outside speakers. If all presenters are College of Medicine faculty or if there are no recordings (including photographs) of outside speakers, this form is not necessary.

Recording Consent Form